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From Chapter 808, Ashburton Baptist Church near Melbourne, Australia

In November 2017 Jerry Hooper reported that his wife, CB Hooper, and the ladies from Ashburton have given away almost 500 quilts. CB was originally with Prayers & Squares at Chapter 1, Hope UMC in San Diego. After they moved to Australia to be near family, she started Chapter 808 in 2008. The group meets at the Hoopers home every Wednesday to work on their quilts. Jerry tells us that the Prayer Quilt Ministry has become a valuable part of the Ashburton Baptist Church worship service and prayer life.

From Prayers & Squares Board members: "We love hearing from you about the wonderful work being done in Australia. We all know it is not about the quilt, or the just number of quilts. Your dedication is truly something to be proud of. Imagine each quilt, times the number of ties/prayers. Then consider all the people on both ends of the quilt - the 'pray-ers' and the recipients. God has given us such a powerful way to touch people with our prayers."

From Chapter 1211, Quilters at the Vineyard in Columbus, Ohio

As a member of a P&S group in Traverse City, MI known as West Side Stitchers, I enjoyed making quilts that had a purpose: praying for others. In 2015 I found myself moving from Traverse City to Columbus Ohio. We searched for a church in Columbus and settled on Vineyard Christian. I introduced the idea of a P&S group to them. Working long distance with my Traverse City group, we made and delivered several quilts. Then I decided I would like to start a chapter at the Vineyard Church. Currently I an working on my own but hope to have others join me soon. For support I would like to recieve ideas for quilts and opportunities for collecting material and quilting products. I would also appreciate ideas for attracting others to the ministry and would absolutely appreciate prayers for the growth of this ministry in Columbus. I have a real passion for P&S and hope I can spread that love to others.

- Cheryl

From Chapter 1210, "Threads of Hope" at Restoration Abbey in San Marcos, California

Restoration Abbey is a young, Christian church in the Anglican tradition. Some of our members have experienced the P&S ministry from other Anglican churches they have attended. I find this ministry to be a tremendous blessing for everyone involved, whether in producing, praying over or receiving the quilts. I am getting the ministry established for our church (finding quilters and volunteers, preparing procedures, etc.) and then I will back away and let others lead it. We are very excited. Thank you and bless you!

- Bobbi

From Chapter 1209, Cartecay United Methodist Church in Ellijay, Georgia

Our church is a small country church of about 80 members and we are growing monthly. It is a very loving and friendly church and very mission oriented. My husband and I moved to this church after we retired in FL. We had attended a church there for 16 years. in which they had the prayer quilt ministry which I was a member of. Therefore I am starting that ministry here. We had our 1st meeting this week with 8 ladies beginning quilts. They are very excited about this ministry.

- Diane

From Chapter 1207, Sigourney United Methodist Church in Sigourney, Iowa

We had an organizational meeting 03-08-2016. Three members of the Wellman, Iowa P&S offered to come and give us information on how their chapter got started and continues to be active after several years. We will have our second meeting on 04-05-2016 in the church fellowship room and will stitch threads so tops can be tied when we have our first recipient name.


From Chapter 1204, "Kwiltin Krew" in San Diego, California

A neighborhood organization following Jesus on The Way.


From Chapter 1202, First Presbyterian Church of Foley in Foley, Alabama

My sister received a prayer quilt from chapter 1126 when she had terminal colon cancer. It seemed like a wonderful ministry for our church and the Session gave approval and Presyterian Women's circles will undertake the project. We are anxious to get started. Thank you.


From Chapter 1201, Syndal Baptist Churchin Glen Waverleyh, Victoria, Australia

I heard about P&S when visiting nearby Ashburton Baptist Church early last year. We have since visited their ministry and gained approval from our senior pastor to set up one here. I'm on staff running a mentoring program for families in the community, and not a quilter, but have happily prayed for this and enjoyed pulling a small team together to help plan. We are launching next week, with ten people signed up. We've already made a presented our first quilt, to a family where the recipient has now passed away. It's been a powerful experience.


From Chapter 810, Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO

We joined in September of 2008 and are still an active group. We are a small group of 9 ladies who meet twice a month. We average about 20 quilts a year.
From Maggie Andrews - Coordinator of HBC Prayers & Squares.

From Chapter 163, University Lutheran Church, East Lansing, MI

Bobbie Davis sent us their church annual report to let us know what they have been doing. Noted below are the highlights from the report. They meet twice a month and between 2003 and 2014 they have made 1247 prayer quilts, noting that 80% of the quilts are not ULC members. In addition to prayer quilts, the chapter has given out pocket size prayer quilts at the Healing Services and Welcome Table, have made quilts for the graduating high school seniors, have supported LSSM Transitional Foster Care Program and Lutheran World Relief and Quilts of Valor. Continued blessings for Chapter 163.

Reports from new chapters that joined us in October & November, 2014

From Breakthrough Life Center in Waynesboro, Virginia (Chapter 1159)

Sheryl writes: "We are a church that believes in prayer and healing. We believe there is a breakthrough for everyone. I heard about you at Patchwork Plus when I went to have a quilt done. The lady there said her church did the prayer quilts and it stirred my interest since I am on the prayer team at my church and I love to quilt. There are a lot of ladies at my church that have shown a interest in this. We hope you can tell us where to start and hope for some patterns."

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From Waverley Temple Salvation Army in Glen Waverly, Victoria, Australia (Chapter 1160)

Jennie tell us: "Our quilting group meets twice a month and this prayer quilt ministry would be a sub group of the main group to get started. About 60% of women are from outside the church. We have been running for 6 years. Camberwell Salvation Army have been involved in this ministry for several years. Looking forward to expanding into this new venture bringing comfort to many people."

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From Peace United Methodist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia (Chapter 1161)

From Rosa: "We have done quilts in the past for the children at our local homeless shelter. When we heard about the concept of prayers being tied into quilts that sounded like a perfect way to not only provide quilts but involve our whole congregation so we decided to start making 'Prayers & Squares'. We heard about the organization online then were in touch with our neighbor church."

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From St. Andrews by the Sea UMC in San Clemente, California (Chapter 1162)

Janet says: "I am just starting this ministry at my new church. The new pastor and staff are excited about this worthwhile ministry. The pastor came from another church recently where this ministry was a member (of Prayers & Squares) and I also came from a church who is a member and was on the prayer quilt ministry team. Thank you!"

Enveloped in God’s Love
From St. Bart's Episcopal (Chapter 5) with Hope Methodist (Chapter 1) and Community Church of Poway (Chapter 2)

Love, laughter, and prayer enveloped 30 Prayers & Squares members as they gathered for the Fourth Annual At-Home Retreat weekend May 23-24, 2014. Ladies from St. Bart’s and their sister chapter, Hope Methodist, were treated to special guest teacher and founding member of Prayers & Squares International, Wendy Mathson. Wendy led the group in her mystery pattern entitled “Celestial Embrace”. After eating and sewing on Friday night, followed by a prayer at the foot of the cross Saturday morning, the quilt was revealed. By 2:00 p.m. on Saturday (and lots more food and frivolity), practically all the ladies had completed their quilt tops and relished in the applause from their sisters. Good food, fellowship, lots of sewing, and fun make this a treasured event each year.

From our prayer: “Lord ~ Be our companion on this journey of faith, kindle our hearts and awaken hope so that we might embrace the love that you poured down from that cross and help spread it through this world in these quilts called Celestial Embrace.”

Group Photo at St Bart's
Wendy Mathson teaching at St. Bart's
Finished qult tops

Note from Wendy: Yes, this pattern is available to your Prayers & Squares chapter if you email me your request, along with your chapter number. Be sure to specify if you prefer the mystery version or the standard pattern.

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