Quilt Requests

We are sorry, but we are unable to fulfill requests from individuals who are seeking prayer quilts. As you can imagine, the numbers could be quite overwhelming. We encourage you to look in our Chapter Map for a Prayers & Squares chapter in your area to join, or you could start your own chapter.

If these options are not a good choice for you, there is no reason you could not make your own prayer quilt. You don't need to be a quilter, or even a sewer to do this. Remember, it is not the quilt that is important, it is the prayers that have the true value. You can use a purchased quilt, blanket or a piece of soft fleece in any size. The most important thing is that a prayer is offered as each knot is tied. Gather a group of friends and family and fill your prayer quilt with the collective power of their prayers for the person in need. If you need further assistance or have questions about this process, you can email Wendy Mathson.