Our "Three Commandments"

Member Chapters agree to follow these "Three Commandments" of Prayers & Squares:
  1. Remember the Prayers & Squares motto: “It’s not about the quilt, it’s all about the prayers.”
    The purpose of your ministry must be to promote an active prayer life among the participants, not just to make and give away quilts. Strive to involve as many people as possible in your prayer efforts.
  2. You must ASK before you give the gift of a prayer quilt; surprises are not appropriate. Ask if the person to receive the quilt will accept your gift of prayer. Ask what they would like you to pray for. Ask what information about their situation may be shared with others.
  3. Do not accept any form of payment for a prayer quilt; it is a gift of love and prayer which cannot be bought or sold. Those who request or receive prayer quilts must not be made to feel obligated to Prayers & Squares in any way.

Some of these points may seem obvious to you. Who would try to put a price tag on a prayer quilt? But you may wonder about the second point. Often people would prefer to surprise someone with the gift of a prayer quilt. That's the way gifts are usually given, right? But we have found through experience that a surprise prayer quilt may be an inappropriate gift in some cases. Of course, we agree that everyone could benefit from the gift of prayer, but stop to consider how this particular gift is made. The recipient might not be comfortable being a "prayer focus" for a congregation or any large group of people. There is also the question of confidentiality. How much information would that person like to have shared about their situation? For that matter, do we really know how that person would like to have us pray for them? We not only ask for permission before making the prayer quilt, we also ask what prayers they would like us to offer on their behalf.

If you find that a prayer quilt is not the appropriate gesture in a particular circumstance, consider offering a prayer bear or a prayer square.

If you would like more information about our "Three Commandments", or if you would like to discuss these points before you are ready to start a chapter, please contact us by email.

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