Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

Membership in Prayers & Squares, The Prayer Quilt Ministry entails a few responsibilities and a number of benefits. In order to stay in touch with our organization, you must have someone with email and internet access who can serve as the contact for your chapter. Member chapters must agree to follow the "Three Commandments" of Prayers & Squares. That's it! Beyond those three basic rules, we encourage you to structure your ministry to best serve the needs of your congregation in any way that promotes prayer and strengthens belief in the power of prayer.

As for benefits of membership, you are entitled to use the name "Prayers & Squares" and to reproduce our logo. Only members are allowed to use the official Prayers & Squares fabric labels, and we encourage you to include one on each quilt you give away.


New members receive a starter kit that includes 35 of these labels plus some basic supplies including a permanent marker for writing on the labels, two skeins of #5 pearl cotton and a sample card for ordering Pearl Cotton in economical cones. Also supplied are a package of large-eyed needles for adding the prayer ties, plus a heavy-duty needle threader. These come packaged in a colorful vinyl zipper bag imprinted with the Prayers & Squares logo. Part of the new member kit is an information packet that includes practical instructions about how to make, finish and add prayer ties to the quilts. Helpful forms are included for you to copy or adapt for your use.
To become an official chapter of Prayers & Squares, there is a one-time membership fee of $50. The fastest way is to fill out the membership form and pay the fee online using a credit card and PayPal's secure site. If you prefer, you can print out the form and mail it with a check. (Sorry, checks drawn on banks outside of the US cannot be accepted. Instead, please pay by credit card.) You will be contacted by email when the application has been received, and your new member packet will arrive within a couple of weeks after your membership is processed. That's all there is to it! We hope you are ready to take the next step to become an official member of Prayers & Squares, The Prayer Quilt Ministry.
Fill out application and pay online  Download application to print out