Ordering Fabric Labels
and Logo Lapel Pins

There are two ways for Prayers & Squares members to obtain printed fabric labels:

Place an order on-line and pay with your credit card
Print out an order form and mail it with your check. NOTE: This option takes longer to process! (Please do not use old order forms, as prices may have changed - always download the current order form using the link above.)

CUSTOM labels have 2 lines of bold type under the logo that you can customize with your chapter's name, address, etc. The rest of the printing stays the same, including the bottom line which says "A Member of Prayers & Squares, The Prayer Quilt Ministry".
Labels printed in black ink on soft white cotton fabric.

70 labels: $32 (domestic shipping included)
140 labels: $59 (domestic shipping included)
280 labels: $102 (domestic shipping included)
Actual size: about 4" x 5")

STANDARD labels have a blank area under the logo for you to write in your chapter's name, city, and state or other information. Use permanent fabric marker such as a Pigma Micron pen.
Labels printed in black ink on soft white cotton fabric.

35 labels: $20 (domestic shipping included)
(Actual size: about 4" x 5")

Prayer Square labels are designed to be used on mini quilts that we call "Prayer Squares". Black ink on iron-on, white polyester.
(NOTE: There are a limited number of iron-on labels available as of 3/15/14. When these are gone, the Prayer Square labels will be changed to a sew-in label with no adhesive on the back.)

25 labels: $12 (domestic shipping included)
(Actual size: about 2" x 4-1/2")

lapel pin

Enamel lapel pins with our logo have metallic gold accents.

Lapel pins: $32 for package of 5 pins (domestic shipping included)

(Actual size: 1" x 1")